Safelab Laboratory

* We conduct research of strongrooms and devices to storing values, weapons and ammunition.

* We are an accredited testing laboratory – PCA certificate for accreditation, the scope of accreditation (process of accreditation in progress).

* We perform all tests according to the reference documents, national and European standards.

* We test the products according to the standard EN 1143-1, EN 1143-2 and EN 14450.

*  Tested products groups:

– Strongrooms;

– Strongroom doors;

– Free-standing safes;

– Built-in safes;

– ATM safes

– ATM bases;

– Deposit systems;

– Safe cabinets.

* High qualified personnel with many years of experience is engaged in preparation of expertise and opinions.

* We are making the analysis of the products after break-in.

* We conduct training in mechanical safety devices.

* We cooperate with scientific institutions and companies operating in various industries.

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